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I have the following 2D list

data = [['2013-02-03', 'London', 'miles', '25'], ['2013-02-03', 'Newcastle', 'miles', '25'], ['2013-02-03', 'Birmingham', 'miles', '62']]

I need to be able to remove any of the '' in a column e.g last column below so i can pass the 2D list to a javascript function in a text file.

data = [['2013-02-03', 'London', 'miles', 25], ['2013-02-03', 'Newcastle', 'miles', 25], ['2013-02-03', 'Birmingham', 'miles', 62]]

I have a function and can get the result on a single value

r = "['2013-02-03', 'London', 'miles', '25']"

def rreplace(s, old, new, occurrence):
    li = s.rsplit(old, occurrence)
    return new.join(li)

    rreplace(p, "'", '', 2)

"['2013-02-03', 'Feltham', 'less_than_one_day', 25],"

Can anyone suggest a better way to achieve this result?

I have tried a number of ways using: for loops, map/lambda and iter, I can loop through the list or change an element in single list just can't do both and output the result.

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Just process the list of values as Python:

for row in data:
    row[-1] = int(row[-1])

This replaces each last element in the data nested lists with their integer equivalent.

Next, use the json module to turn this into valid JavaScript:

import json

r = json.dumps(data)

JSON is a subset of JavaScript after all.

Quick demo:

>>> data = [['2013-02-03', 'London', 'miles', '25'], ['2013-02-03', 'Newcastle', 'miles', '25'], ['2013-02-03', 'Birmingham', 'miles', '62']]
>>> for row in data:
...     row[-1] = int(row[-1])
>>> data
[['2013-02-03', 'London', 'miles', 25], ['2013-02-03', 'Newcastle', 'miles', 25], ['2013-02-03', 'Birmingham', 'miles', 62]]
>>> import json
>>> json.dumps(data)
'[["2013-02-03", "London", "miles", 25], ["2013-02-03", "Newcastle", "miles", 25], ["2013-02-03", "Birmingham", "miles", 62]]'
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Do you know if there any way to write it in a more pythonic way, using list comprehension or map ? – ibi0tux May 3 '13 at 13:57
@ibi0tux: You can, but there isn't really much point in recreating the rest of the lists, is there? Using the loop is more efficient in this specific case. data = [elem[:-1] + [int(elem[-1])] for elem in data] is not nearly as readable either. – Martijn Pieters May 3 '13 at 13:58
@ibi0tux: Using newer syntax doesn't always make for more pythonic code. – Martijn Pieters May 3 '13 at 14:00
I was just wondering this because i tried and get stuck on writing it with an alternative syntax. – ibi0tux May 3 '13 at 14:00
Thank you very much for your help that worked well. – George Thompson May 3 '13 at 14:59

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