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I'm looking for SaaS collaborative tools dedicated to extreme programming. Something like SocialText with back log, task and project management, dashboard, etc... Which tools are you using ?


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I would recommend Trello. We have been using it for a while and it is great.

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You can try google wave which is simple as possible. You can add google gadgets like spreadsheet, calendar, dashboard etc. to your wave. You can add images, attechments. You can manage project collaboratively in wave.

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Did you try Assembla? It has a backlog, a ticketing system for user stories, hosted source control for GIT and SVN and a Wiki for documenting requirements. It also shows the usual burndown charts etc.

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3 great tools I love:

  1. Xplanner or XPlanner+
  2. Pivotal Tracker
  3. Mingle

Not all of them are essentially SaaS, but it's easy to install and start using all of them

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I would recommend Pivotal Tracker if you are following iterations. If you are doing more like Kanban Style, I would recommend Trello both are SaaS solutions.

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