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hey i am trying to add movie clips to the stage randomly from a list of cards, no 1- 10, this is what i have tried so far but i get an error saying its my randomly selected card is not a function, just wondering if anybody can help or know the proper way of accomplishing it thank you

var printArray:Array =new Array();
var randPrint:String;

var rand
 for(var n:int = 1; n <= 28; n++)
    randNo=Math.round(Math.random() * 10+.5);
    randPrint = "cardPrint"+randNo;

 var cardPrint1:MovieClip = new card_1();
 var cardPrint2:MovieClip = new card_2();
 var cardPrint3:MovieClip = new card_3();
 var cardPrint4:MovieClip = new card_4();
 var cardPrint5:MovieClip = new card_5();
 var cardPrint6:MovieClip = new card_6();
 var cardPrint7:MovieClip = new card_7();
 var cardPrint8:MovieClip = new card_8();
 var cardPrint9:MovieClip = new card_9();
 var cardPrint10:MovieClip = new card_10();

 for(var p:int = 1; p <= 1; p++)



some help would be great, thank you so much

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I think something like the following will do what you want. I populated an array with all the available assets and then filled an array with random numbers between 0-9. The last for loop just creates the movieclips and adds them to the stage.

var printArray:Array = [];

var mcs:Array = [card_1, card_2, card_3, card_4, card_5, card_6, card_7, card_8, card_9, card_10];

for(var n:int = 1; n <= 28; n++)
    var randNo:int = int(Math.random() * 10);

for(var p:int = 0; p < printArray.length; p++)
    var mc:MovieClip = new mcs[printArray[p]];
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that is perfect, thank you so much, ive been bashing my head against it for a while, just getting started with as3, thank you so much – user2344403 May 3 '13 at 14:24
You're welcome! :) – Barış Uşaklı May 3 '13 at 14:25

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