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I'm programming an Android application and one feauture is a ListView generated and populated by a MySQL Database.

This is the outputted ArrayList:

DatabaseHandler db = new DatabaseHandler(this); 
List<Suspect> list = db.getAllContacts();

Do I use a cursor to input it in my ListView? Any code would be appreciated..

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You can use an ArrayAdapter. See : – Addrallyn Wigolath May 3 '13 at 14:08

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I recommend you to use CursorAdapter in case you don't need any data manipulations after the query.
If you want to use List so try ArrayAdapter.

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If you need to modify the data after it is captured from the database and have the view updated I'd suggest you create an arrayList of , and then you can use a custom Array Adapter like shown here. If you then change the underlying data, you can use adapter.notifyDataSetChanged()

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