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I am using CKEditor (v3.6.4) and try to find out how to change the palettes for Text Color and Background Color separately.

I found config.colorButton_colors in the docs which allows me to define the color palette. However, this palette is assigned to both, text and background.

How can I have two different palettes?

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You can't do that because the color palette is defined for the text color and background.

CKEDITOR.config.colorButton_colors =
'000,800000,8B4513,2F4F4F,008080,000080,4B0082,696969,' +
'B22222,A52A2A,DAA520,006400,40E0D0,0000CD,800080,808080,' +
'F00,FF8C00,FFD700,008000,0FF,00F,EE82EE,A9A9A9,' +

Or you can change the Text Color plugin :)

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The best and easy way is, Include required plugin at the download time or link below

Ckeditor Builder

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