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Simple issue regarding usage of datatables (http://www.datatables.net) and server side data retrieval.
Datatables expects a special format from the server, to be in the root of the response:

  "sEcho": 1,
  "iTotalRecords": "57",
  "iTotalDisplayRecords": "57",
  "aaData": [
      "engine": "Gecko",
      "browser": "Firefox 1.0",
      "platform": "Win 98+ / OSX.2+",
      "version": "1.7",
      "grade": "A"

But I want to nest all of this in another place in my json response from the server:

  myshit: "",
  status: "success",
  morestuff: "yoyo",
  datatables: { here will be all of the json related to datatables }

I haven't found a property for this in the API.
The only options I know about, right now, is to define all the columns with the exact nested property they should look for.

Do you know of such a property? or can suggest a good way to achieve this nesting?

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Because sAjaxSource expects the dataset in the particular order, you would have to use $.getJSON instead to have the nested layout you described

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