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I develop an application with Durandal/Breeze/Knockout.

In my javascript, I would like to perform 2 asynchronous operations one after the other.

  • The first is collecting all my 'alarms' where transportId is passed by parameter and category is 'Global'

  • The second is deleting all these entities collected above

Here is what I do so far:

var checkAlarmsOnTransport = function (id) {

    var alarms = ko.observableArray();
    getAlarms(alarms, id, 'Global')

var getAlarms = function (alarmsObservable, transportId, category, forceRemote) {
    // Input: transportId
    // Input: category
    // Input: forceRemote: boolean to force the fetch from server
    // Output: alarmsObservable: an observable filled with all the alarms

    if (forceRemote)
        queryCacheAlarms = {};

    var p1 = new Predicate('transportId', '==', transportId);
    var p2 = new Predicate('category', '==', category);
    var query = entityQuery.from('Alarms')

    var isInCache = (queryCacheAlarms === true);

    if (isInCache && !forceRemote) {
        query = query.using(breeze.FetchStrategy.FromLocalCache);
    } else {
        queryCacheAlarms = true;
        query = query.using(breeze.FetchStrategy.FromServer);

    //old return manager.executeQuery(query)
    //old    .then(querySucceeded)
    //old    .fail(queryFailed);

    var p = manager.executeQuery(query);
    return p;

    function querySucceeded(data) {
        console.log("the get return:" + data.results.length); // <---------- added

var deleteAlarms = function (alarmsObservable) {
    // Input: alarmsObservable: an observable filled with a list of alarms to delete
    // Output: none
    console.log("deleted:" + alarmsObservable().length); // <------------- added
    for (var i = alarmsObservable().length - 1; i >= 0 ; i--) {

I successfully tested these 2 functionalities independantly successfully. Now I would like to use it asynchronously and it doesn't work.

Any idea?

Thanks to anyone pointing me to the right direction.


I updated my code like CodeThug suggested then I added 2 console.log lines in my 2 functions to trace what is done. See above.

The console show this:

  • deleted:0

  • the get return:6

So it seems that the deleteAlarms function is called before the getAlarms and so the deleteAlarms received an input of 0 elements.

Any idea why the calls are reversed?

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Have you tryed to pass a function to the then? I am so sure that it is the problem. –  jvrdelafuente May 4 '13 at 1:11

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The getAlarms method returns like this:

return manager.executeQuery(query)

and you call getAlarms like this:

getAlarms(alarms, id, 'Global')

So you are effectively trying to do this:


However, you can't chain a .then() after a .fail(). .then() and .fail() are methods that can be called on a promise. .then() returns a promise, you can chain calls in this way:


And you can have a .fail() after a .then(), because .then() returns a promise:


However, .fail() returns undefined, and you can't call .then() on undefined. So this won't work

// This won't work (this is what you're trying to do)

Try this instead:

var p = manager.executeQuery(query);
return p;

Then you can leave the call to getAlarms just as it is:

getAlarms(alarms, id, 'Global')
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I updated my question to show the result after updating my code. Can you take a look? Thanks anyway. –  Bronzato May 3 '13 at 15:37
I would also recommend what jvrdelafuente said - be sure to pass a function to the then() method, not just calling a function in the then method. .then(function(){deleteAlarms(alarms);}); That, combined with the changes I recommended, should take care of it. –  CodeThug May 3 '13 at 19:58
Yes, that was the problem: I had to pass a function to the then. Thank you both. –  Bronzato May 4 '13 at 7:31

I think that the problen can be be in this section:

var alarms = ko.observableArray();
getAlarms(alarms, id, 'Global')

You have to do that:

var alarms = ko.observableArray();
getAlarms(alarms, id, 'Global')

Because you need to pass a function to the then.

I hope this will help you.

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