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I've got this as the select part of my query:

SELECT cast(cast(exp_channel_titles.edit_date as char(14)) as datetime) AS Edit_Date

That takes data from a db in this format 20130501092128 and returns it in this format 2013-05-01 09:21:28

I can only assume it is some kind of magic as i don't fully understand how this works tbh.

But, i need to change the format of the date that it spits out to this format: %d/%m/%Y %k:%i:%s

I can honestly say i have no idea how to do this in that query, i've tried adding it as a param to datetime (is that even a mysql function?!?) but no joy and many other poor attempts that i wont go into.

If anyone can help, i'd be hugely grateful!

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MySql automatically converts 20130501092128 to a date and time field, even if it is a VARCHAR or a INT, and you can just use this:

SELECT DATE_FORMAT(exp_channel_titles.edit_date, '%d/%m/%Y %k:%i:%s')

Please see fiddle here.

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I had no idea that happened. You are a total life saver, at least i understand this query. Thank you so so much!! – bjohnb May 3 '13 at 15:08

You can change output format using DATE_FORMAT() function from MySQL. Here is the documentation post about it.

You can change the output format into whatever format you want, but if you recieve that data into an application, modifies it and return that data to server (editing a row for example). Remember to reformat it into a valid date for MySQL.

If you dont know how to do it, just have to do this into your query:

SELECT DATE_FORMAT(cast(cast(exp_channel_titles.edit_date as char(14))
 as datetime), '%e/%m/%Y %k:%i:%s') AS Edit_Date
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