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I'm using google distance matrix api for calculating distance/time between 1 source and 10 destinations. I know there is quota limit of 2500 request per day. I am always getting OVER_QUERY_LIMIT while using my home wifi for communication. However using cellular data or neighbor wifi, it works. Can someone suggest what could be the possible reason.
I guess there is only per day usage limit, I tried using on different day even then it dint work out

Update: I realized that I was calling the distance matrix API after a period of every 2 seconds because of which quote reached up pretty soon (I did not add a check for not calling api if there is not any change in input parameters). Fixed after these changes.

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As most Internet users today you're probably behind a NAT. This means that many machines/users are using the same IP address to access the Internet and the NAT remembers who is talking to who and routes the packets to the right inner machine/user.

Maybe the way you're connected to the Internet shares the same IP address with many other users.

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