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I have an XML which is being called as part of software installer code. In the XML, I am executing SQL files using JDBC framework. The installer is failing at a point wherein the JDBC gets hole of the below statement inside a SQL file:-

Create or replace procedure test

show errors

At the occurennce of "Show Errors" , the JDBC fails and installer execution finishes.

I have tried using the below syntax, but still JDBC fails.

   show errors; 

When I remove "Show errors" from the SQL file, the installer finishes successfully. But I need to have "Show errors" in the SQL file.

Looking for some assistance here on how to use it without JDBC failing.


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show errors is not a SQL statement, it's a SQL*Plus command, so it only works in SQL*Plus and cannot be used through JDBC.

Under the hood show errors simply queries the view ALL_ERRORS which you can do through JDBC as well:

SELECT line, position, text
FROM all_errors 
WHERE owner = user
  AND name = 'TEST' -- replace this with the name of your procedure
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Might as well throw in AND type = 'PROCEDURE' for completeness; and a link to the docs. – Alex Poole May 3 '13 at 16:31
Instead of ALL_ERRORS, if in your schema use USER_ERRORS – igr May 3 '13 at 17:11

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