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I did some analysis in python that I'd like to output to something not terribly ugly in HTML, preferably without getting a full-fledged templating engine involved or making many design decisions about output. This is simple stuff like:

>>> pprint(myobject)
{u'dogs': 10,
 u'cats': 190}
>>> df.state.value_counts()
MI    200
CA    100
NY     90
TX     21

In R, I would use...

HTMLStart(outdir=".",file= "filename", extension="html",echo=FALSE, HTMLframe=TRUE)

And I would get a beautiful set of html pages formatted into tables. Is there anything similar for the interactive python data analyst who just wants some easy HTML?

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The DataFrame object has a to_html() method that will output the code for an HTML table of your data.

Check out Wes McKinney's post about it here.

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That is pretty slick. Thank you. –  Mittenchops May 6 '13 at 19:12

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