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My <custom-directive> has replace:true and template: '<img />'. How can I write a unit test for it? I think I want to test that it actually replaces custom-directive with img.

it('should be transformed to <img>', function(){
  var elm = $compile('<custom-directive></custom-directive>')(scope);

  var t = elm.find('img'); // wrong! it replaces the element. it won't find another one inside
 //expect(elm).toBeAnImgElement ?

I can't find the correct matcher. The closest case I've seen is checking the contents (elm.html() or elm.text()) but my tag is empty.

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wrap your directive in a div like:

describe('Directive: custom', function () {

  var element, $scope;

  it('should be transformed to <img>', inject(function ($rootScope, $compile) {
    $scope = $rootScope.$new();
    element = angular.element('<div><custom-directive></custom-directive></div>');
    element = $compile(element)($scope);

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Why do we need $rootScope.$digest(); here? Indeed, it doesn't work without it, but I don't get why. –  thorn Apr 30 at 9:57
@thorn: Yeah, it's not required. –  codef0rmer Apr 30 at 17:29
No, it is. As I wrote, it doesn't work without it. –  thorn Apr 30 at 17:46
For me, it's working without it. Having $digest() does not make sense in this case but If your directive is dependent on the $scope then you have to. –  codef0rmer Apr 30 at 17:49
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You can get the actual HTMLElement object and check its tagname. Get at the actual HTMLElement with elm[0]:

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