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I have a script which dynamically adds rows to a table when a user clicks on certain div links on the page. I am now trying to add a remove button so the user can get rid of added rows they don't want, but I am having an issue with getting them to work.

The code I have used for removing the table row comes from here. The code I have is:

$('.addRow').click(function() {
      var tr = $(
      '<tr><td class="cat"></td>' 
      + '<td class="sel"></td>'
      + '<td><textarea name="paragraph[' + count + ']">Click to edit (id ' + count + ')</textarea><input type="hidden" name="catText[' + count + ']" class="hiddenCat"><input type="hidden" name="selText[' + count + ']" class="hiddenSel">'
      + '</td><td><button type="button" class="removebutton">Remove row</button></td></tr>');
      $('.mainTable > tbody:last').one().append(tr);

     $('.removebutton').click(function() {
      var whichtr = $(this).closest("tr");       

The addRow function appends a table row to a selected table. Within one of the cells is a button with the 'removebutton' class. When this is clicked, it's supposed to remove the row. For testing purposes an alert message is used; however when I click on one of the buttons dynamically generated with addRow nothing happens.

When I statically add a button or link with the 'removebutton' class, the alert message displays.

Why is there an issue when creating the button through jQuery that stops it from working?

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possible duplicate of jQuery - Click event doesn't work on dynamically generated elements –  Vohuman May 3 '13 at 15:45
do you have firebug installed? see anything in the firebug console ? –  user1800937 May 3 '13 at 15:45

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Use .on for dynamic content:

$(document).on('click', '.removebutton', function() {
  var whichtr = $(this).closest("tr");       
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Works like a charm, thanks very much! Will accept as correct answer when SO lets me. –  Roy May 3 '13 at 15:47

You need event delegation for dynamically created element's

$('.mainTable').on('click','.removebutton',function() {
  var whichtr = $(this).closest("tr");       


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