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I have the following situation:

I have a domain and I had to remove a field from it, but this field is referenced in several different locations and grails does not capture this error during compilation.

The STS IDE does underscores these fields, but it would be totally impractical to sweep the entire application looking for these flagged errors.

Is there another way I can catch these errors?

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If you are using Grails > 2.x, then you can do a Static Type checking by using @TypeChecked at class level (property of Groovy 2.x) to catch compile time errors. Refer this for more details. –  dmahapatro May 3 '13 at 17:55

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  1. Good test coverage is going to be your best way of making sure you've captured everything when you make changes like this.
  2. Make sure you're utilizing your IDE's refactoring functionality. It won't always catch everything, but will help. Also, read #1.
  3. Do a search in STS for this field and clean up. This is better than manual. Also, read #1.
  4. Read #1
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