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I'm using find . -type d to list all directories in a folder. Now say I'm in my home folder.

And something like this is my result:


I however do not want those hidden files to appear in the list. Doing find . -type d | grep -v ./. is not working. It displays only . as output in this case.

Any idea how to filter out those hidden folders?

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. matches any character, use /\. –  Kevin May 3 '13 at 16:37

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try this:

find ...|grep '^./[^.]'

btw, find has option regex, you may consider to use, so that save that grep cmd.


find . -type d -a -regex '^./[^.].*'
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You forgot to escape your pattern.

. matches any character.

\. matches the dot character.

^exp matches a pattern beginning with exp.

If you want to filter out hidden folders at the base level only:

find . -type d | grep -v '^\./\.'

If you want to filter out hidden folders at all depths:

find . -type d | grep -v '/\.'

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