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I want to play a sound when the user click on a image. I'm using SoudManager plugin.

Here you can check what I'm doing:

        url: 'swf',
        onready: function() {
            soundCarro = soundManager.createSound({
                id: 'soundCarro',
                url: 'sound/carro_camona.mp3'
            soundMoto = soundManager.createSound({
                id: 'soundMoto',
                url: 'sound/moto_camona.mp3'
            soundNautico = soundManager.createSound({
                id: 'soundNautico',
                url: 'sound/nautico_camona.mp3'

As you can see, I create 3 sound objects (soundCarro, soundMoto and soundNautico).

Here the action, where when the user clicks on it, the scrollTo function is called:

<img id="ca" class="ca logo" onclick="scrollTo('secao-carros',true);" src="images/svg/CAhome.svg">

Here you can see the scrollTo function:

function scrollTo(target,sound){

        var delay = 0;

        if(target == 'secao-carros'){
            delay = 700;
            duration = 750;

        if(target == 'secao-motos'){
            delay = 900;
            duration = 750;

        if(target == 'secao-nauticos'){
            delay = 850;
            duration = 2000;

        $('html, body').delay(delay).animate({ scrollTop: $('#'+target).offset().top }, {duration: duration});
        $('html, body').animate({ scrollTop: $('#'+target).offset().top }, {duration: 750});

As you can see, in this function I execute the sound object created (ex: soundNautico.play();).

The issue is that on iPad and Android devices this sound gets a big delay to execute, but in desktop browsers it works perfect!

How can I prevent this delay?

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That's because desktop browsers will preload the audio so when you call .play() the browser will begin playing it immediately because it has already buffered some (if not all) of the audio.

I know that iOS and most other mobile browsers will A) only allow you to play a single audio file at a time, B) not allow you to cache audio at all, and C) only allow you initialize/play an audio object if the user physically initiated the action on the same call stack. So you're basically out of luck if you don't want the delay.

Edit: You could add an event listener to the audio and only trigger the scroll after the audio had buffered. However, you cannot load more than one sound at a time.

audio.addEventListener("canplay", function(e) {
}, false);


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Thanks for your reply! But there isn't a way to preload in iOS? Something like "just show the image if the sound is loaded"? – Alan Gularte May 3 '13 at 19:00
I've edited my answer to explain. – idbehold May 3 '13 at 20:46
Thank you! I'll test it! – Alan Gularte May 3 '13 at 22:45

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