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I just installed MinGW on windows and I'm unable to copy/paste as I am used to on Linux or even Putty. What is the trick for copying and pasting text for same, chrome into MinGW shell?

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Right-click on the title bar of the command window and select 'Properties', then on the 'Options' tab tick the box for the 'QuickEdit mode', then click 'Ok' and select that the changes should apply to all windows using the same name.

After that you can paste text from the clipboard using the right mouse-button, highlight text while holding the left mouse-button and copy selected text using the ENTER key.

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Awesome, wish I knew about that Properties menu item a LONG time ago. +1 –  Cory Gross Aug 7 '13 at 21:36
+100000000000000 likes –  jonynz Jan 10 at 11:14
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