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I would like to apply Mahalanobis distanc method to the data obained from the observation. Each observation is a time response of the system. I have 30 onservations each 14000 points. I would like to use MAHAL command in matlab. but it notifies me that the number of the rows in variable X must be greater than the columns. But the nature of my observations is so that for each observation I have 1 row (observation) and 14000 columns (time points). I don't know how to overcome such a problem. If anybody knows please help me.

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I think you can solve the problem by transposing your observation matrix. The reason is the function tries to find a mean and a sigma for each input vector. –  NKN May 3 '13 at 17:44

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You can't do that. The Mahalanobis distance of a point x from a group of values with mean mu and variance sigma is defined as sqrt((x-mu)*sigma^-1*(x-mu)). If sigma is not invertible - and it will not be if you have 30 observations and 14000 variables - the Mahalanobis distance is not defined.

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