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I have a Java Config class that looks similar to:

public class MyConfig {

    @Autowired(required = true)
    private MyRegistry registry;

    public CustomAttributeConfig() {
        . . .

    public IBeanApiType someBeanApi() {
       return new SomeBeanApi();

    public void postConstructionCodeHere() {
    . . . 

Is the order of execution of the @Autowired, @Bean, and @PostConstruct guaranteed in any way? What if the @Bean used the @Autowired registry value?

The order of execution I am seeing in my real code is:

  1. the autowired field
  2. the @PostConstruct annotated method
  3. the @Bean annotated method

My goal is to have 2 and 3 to execute in reverse order. How do I know the order of mixtures of these annotations in a Java Config file and what options are available to control that order?

EDITTED! Thought about this some more and while I am interested in the order, that may not really be critical. I modified the code above slightly to reflect the fact that I want to call the @Bean constructor from the @PostConstruct code.

This seems to work fine for the very limited tests I have done. Does anyone know if all the necessary Spring initialization is guaranteed to be finished when a @PostConstruct is called such that calling an @Bean annotated method will always work? I did step into the calls and see the interceptors being invoked, but I don't know that the proxy I will get back will always be the "right" one, with all the advisors, advice, etc properly attached.

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Yes, in the current construct where you are using bean creation method, Spring will ensure that this method returns created bean. And of course ensures that the bean is properly initialized

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Except this doesn't really work all the time. When one has lots of config classes across multiple projects, 'someBeanApi' can get referenced causing it be to constructed prior to the "MyConfig" bean (which does the autowire). Thus the PostConstruct executes before the autowire. There is no "guarantee". However, while I have seen a few times, I have never been able to reproduce in a standalone manner to submit as a bug. – JoeG Dec 3 '14 at 12:08

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