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is it possible to use if-statements in one command in add_custom_target? I came up with


but it fails with:

/bin/sh: 1: Syntax error: word unexpected (expecting "then") .

When I add then at the end of if(linux), it fails with:

/bin/sh: 1: Syntax error: word unexpected (expecting ")")

Why does that not work? Is it not possible to make tests in add_custom_target? My intent is to do different things in add_custom_target depending on the operating system. I also thought about defining a function that is called in add_custom_target, but that doesn't work either. That appproach won't allow me to write a plain make which is problematic as well.

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I solved my problem by moving the code into a cmake-script and calling this script in add_custom_target by cmake's script processing mode: cmake -P

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You should use the if statements outside ADD_CUSTOM_TARGET:

    add_custom_target(target message("Linux!"))
    add_custom_target(target message("Windows!"))
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I tried to avoid this, as there is much code that is the same for windows and linux. Code duplication is bad! – Max Beikirch May 5 '13 at 11:43

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