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Does anyone know how one goes about enabling the REFS_OK flag in numpy? I cannot seem to find a clear explanation online.

My code is:

import sys
import string
import numpy as np
import pandas as pd
SNP_df = pd.read_csv('SNPs.txt',sep='\t',index_col = None ,header = None,nrows = 101)
output = open('100 SNPs.fa','a')
for i in SNP_df:
    data = SNP_df[i]
    data = np.array(data)
    for j in np.nditer(data):
        if j == 0:

I keep getting the error message: Iterator operand or requested dtype holds references, but the REFS_OK was not enabled.

I cannot work out how to enable the REFS_OK flag so the program can continue...

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did you check the np.nditer documentation? I admit nditer is a bit lowlevel, but the doc does say how to pass flags and mentions refs_ok, so what did you try? –  seberg May 3 '13 at 22:47
Thank you seberg. I found a way around using np.nditer –  gwilymh May 7 '13 at 17:53

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I have isolated the problem. There is no need to use np.nditer. The main problem was with me misinterpreting how Python would read iterator variables in a for loop. The corrected code is below.

import sys
import string
import fileinput
import numpy as np

SNP_df = pd.read_csv('datafile.txt',sep='\t',index_col = None ,header = None,nrows = 5000)
output = open('outputFile.fa','a')

for i in range(1,51): 
    data = SNP_df[i]
    data = np.array(data)
    for j in range(0,1): 
    for k in range(1,len(data)):
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