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Imagine the following lines in a CMakeFiles.txt:

add_custom_target( target
          cd bin
          COMMAND echo "test" > README

make target will not work as expected, as it will not modify the file bin/README but rather the file ./README. I found out that, in order to make CMake modify bin/README, I have to write

COMMAND cd bin && echo "test" > README

which is time consuming and blows the CMakeLists up when used multiple times. I want a behavior that is much like the behaviour of shell scripts. How can I achieve this?

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Use the WORKING_DIRECTORY directive:

add_custom_target( target
      COMMAND echo "test" > README


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I tried this, however that strangely fails if there are multiple COMMANDs. The working directory seems to be reset for the all but the first command, moreover multiple echo statements don't work. Strange. – Max Beikirch May 5 '13 at 11:45
Actually, I wrote it wrong. Commands should be before the WORKING_DIRECTORY directive. Try reversing the order. – SethMMorton May 5 '13 at 21:32

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