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How would I retrieve all the photos that have multiple friends tagged given a few friend IDs?

The following doesn't seem to retrieve all photos (or any in many cases):

SELECT object_id, src_big FROM photo WHERE pid IN 
  (SELECT pid FROM photo_tag WHERE subject = me() AND pid IN 
       (SELECT pid FROM photo_tag WHERE subject=<friend ID1>)) AND pid IN 
           (SELECT pid FROM photo_tag WHERE subject=<friend ID2>))

Would I need to specifically query within friend 1 and friend 2's photo albums?

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ALL is the hard part here. Depending on the privacy settings of the user who uploaded the photo, you may not be able to get it via the API. There isn't a way to detect for this. – cpilko May 3 '13 at 20:44

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I agree Facebook API may not even return all the photos I was tagged in. But i believe it may be because of the privacy setting of the person who tagged me. I have tried similar request using via the Graph API too but no luck. (Exact same results)

I ran you query and it worked fine for me. (Except you have a extra bracket at end). It does return me all the photos I have tagged myself but only some of friend photos in which I was tagged. I do have friends_photo permission ( You may want to check for yours) . I have also tried running following commands but it still didn't return me all the pics which my friends have tagged me.

  SELECT object_id, src_big, caption FROM photo WHERE owner!=me() and pid IN 
  (SELECT pid FROM photo_tag WHERE subject = me())
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