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I have little problem in my office to manage two internet connection with static Private Static IP addresses.

I have Two Internet Connection(DSL) from same ISP. All the computers are connected to one Switch(NON-Configurable). Two Ethernet Cables are connected from both internet routers to switch.

Now i want to utilize both interconnection.
What will be the procedure to accomplish this task.

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There are a number of router products that can accept multiple WAN (e.g. DSL) connections, load balance and/or fail over between them.





You can google for

load balancing router

to find a wide range of suitable products.

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you can also setup your own server, If interested take a look at shorewall

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what if, if I have just orderen another internet connection and I is living at a student hostel who provides us with a 20 Mbit connection, but with a max. up-/download of 2 GB. The new connection will be a 512/128 Kbit connection with no max whatsoever. We got all-in-all 4 computers but might add a couple more if needed. 2 Home computers, 1 laptop and 1 server. My problem here is, that I would like to use them all in a single LAN where the 2 of the computers have access to the 20 Mbit connection and the other two have access to the low-speed connection. –  Nisha Khalid May 3 '13 at 21:33
I guess you only need to set the correct gateway on each computer –  lluis May 6 '13 at 10:34

All the clients on your network need two things, an ip address and a gateway. Those are provided with the dhcp protocol. Most routers that come from an ISP have a dhcp server built-in. Right now the dhcp servers are competing against each other on your network. You need a third router to direct all the traffic; this needs to be a router with a load balancing feature.

Try finding an old computer nobody uses and load an open source router like http://www.pfsense.org/. (That is what I use but there are a bunch of other projects also.)

Or if you need wireless also try getting a wireless router with load balancing.

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