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I am trying to draw into a Surface from native code and can't understand why the stride in my ANativeWindow_Buffer is not "width * 2" for an RGB 565 format?

My window is 533x732 and format is RGB565. The stride comes back as 544.

I don't get how the stride can be 544 or how I can tweak my buffer of RGB 565 data to account for it.

This is a similar question that was answered but this guy is using Skia which I'm not using: Native window rendering issue on Samsung Galaxy S3

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Okay, I see 'stride' here is in PIXELS, not bytes. Still, I would expect stride to be 533 in this case and not 544. So now I'm having to waste CPU cycles by copying my RGB data into a buffer and padding for the last 11 pixels in the expected stride. The image displays correctly now but I'm still confused why stride != width. – spartygw May 3 '13 at 20:03
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It's fairly common for stride to be a multiple of 16 (or some other power of two) due to hardware limitations. This is why stride is specified separately.

If you can declare your source buffer to have a stride of 544, you can do a straight copy.

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Aha. Thank you. – spartygw May 3 '13 at 22:02

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