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Is it possible using any sort of diff utility to diff based on filename only, ignoring all folders and subfolders?

So if I have






It would match the files when doing a diff between folder_1 and folder_2?

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I don't quite get why this is language-agnostic. Are you interested in any solution at all or an algorithm (seems obvious)? Could you specify the problem more clearly, the current one is open to misinterpretation. – Nickolay Oct 29 '09 at 16:50
Sorry, you're right. Tag removed. – Shane Oct 29 '09 at 19:40
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Are you trying to do a diff on lists of filenames, to see which filenames one folder contains that the other doesn't? If so, do find folder_1 -type f in Linux or dir /s /b /ad folder_1 in DOS and pipe the output into text files, then diff the contents of the text files.

In Vim I'd skip the temp files, and do :.!find folder_1 -type f in one window, :.!find folder_2 -type f in second window, then :windo diffthis to diff them.

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diff -r directory another

compares the files in directories and outputs if they differs, or is missing from either of the directory.

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