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Google Apps (Business Edition) - IMAP Active users?

I am trying to determine if there is a way to generate a report of users who are actively using IMAP to access a Google Apps (Business Edition) domain. Ideally generating a report of anyone who has accessed via IMAP over the past pre-defined time interval (say a week or a month) would be very useful.

I know the Google Apps API allow to query and report on users who have enabled IMAP within their specific email accounts. However, this is not helpful as most of the domain users have this enabled already, and I know that many do not use this method to connect to GApps.


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The Reporting API has an Accounts Report with a last_pop_time field. The field is a misnomer as it actually covers last POP or IMAP time. You can use this to determine if a user has accessed POP or IMAP recently.

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