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Hi I am trying to create a single webforms page, but I do not want this specific page to inherit from a master page. The problem is that if I don't reference one, the asp tag isn't getting recognized and i can't seem to use any of the controls like <asp:TextBox />. Is there a way I can use these controls without having to reference a master page?

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the <asp: prefix has nothing to do with the master page. It should work fine without a master page. There could be an alternative problem that you are experiencing.

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By adding a Web Form on your project it should possible to use asp elements.

Anyway, you can create a simple master page and then use it for your pages that you don't want to use the default master page.

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I figured it out. If you do not use a master page, then you need to register the system.web assembly on your aspx page or in the web.config.

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