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I'm using TransactionScope to submit data in Linq to SQL. My question is, if I use multiple SubmitChanges in the same scope, will all scope roll back in case of an error or just the changes made after the last SubmitChanges? For example:

using (TransactionScope trans = new TransactionScope())
    using (dbDataContext db = new dbDataContext())
            //do some insert

            //do some updates

        catch(Exception ex){}

If update SubmitChanges throws an exception, will the insert SubmitChanges roll back too?

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ALL changes will roll back, not just the one from the last SubmitChanges().

You will often need to use this pattern when you have data that depends on other data -- like if you need to create an object and get it's auto-generated ID in order to do something else (though L2SQL supports that with one SubmitChanges call in most scenarios by just creating the object, but I digress...).

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