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I need to cache some <script src> that I receive via AJAX. Currently each call try to load the src via AJAX, as default. But the problem is that this script never change in a session and I need only re-eval this on document.

To be more clear, take this example of AJAX content result:

<strong>Hello World!</strong>
<script src="hello-world.js"></script>

If I call this AJAX three times, the hello-world.js is called three times too, but I need only re-execute this, without try to download it again. Browser cache help a lot, but I really do not can download it again every time.

I like to set some data to script, to jQuery know that I want only re-execute it, instead of download again. Like:

<script src="hello-world.js" data-cache="true"></script>

Any solution?

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Shouldn't the browser handle this for you with normal caching, assuming your server is returning the appropriate headers for cacheable content? –  Kevin B May 3 '13 at 20:10
Basically yes, but I have many things to consider: if I put all scripts inline, will generate a lot data from each call; if I use the browser cache it'll ask the server for each script file, a lot of individual scripts will be a big problem with high latency (what was my case), and last, script will never change in a session. Thanks for reply! –  David Rodrigues May 3 '13 at 20:15
Then use, using data-src would be a good way of solving it. It also solves the weirdnes of including inline scripts when using .load (they don't seem to always run in the order you'd expect them to). –  Kevin B May 3 '13 at 20:17

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If think about a good solution for my case... I just replaced the src with data-src, so jQuery will not get the content automatically, so I have time to work with my content and find data-src and create my own cache system. Works fine to me.

You can check my code here:

// Cache system (outside of AJAX engine)
var script_cache = {};

// Inside of [jQuery.ajax].success method
// where "data_html" is my jQuery(data_html) AJAX response.

// Find all script with data-src
jQuery('script[data-src]', data_html).each(function() {
    var self = jQuery(this),
        self_src = self.data('src');

    // If data was loaded before, so just execute it again
    if(typeof script_cache[self_src] !== "undefined") {
    // Else, will load, cache and execute now
    // Note that we download with dataType text
    else {
        jQuery.ajax(self_src, {
            dataType: "text"
        }).success(function(data) {
            script_cache[self_src] = data;

    // Finally we remove the node, only to avoid problem

Alternative solutions are welcome.

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