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Using .NET WinForms, I want to create a prototype simulation wherein a progress bar fills slowly and unevenly based on my programmatic control (I'm going to have two of them and want to make it look like a "race" where they keep passing each other on their way to 100%).

I'm using the Timer class but not correctly, obviously:

Private Sub RunSimulation()

Dim myTimer As New Timer()

deliveredUltraProgressBar.Value = 0
myTimer.Interval = 5000   '5 seconds.
deliveredUltraProgressBar.Value = 12
deliveredUltraProgressBar.Value = 28
deliveredUltraProgressBar.Value = 34


End Sub

Thanks for any help.

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The timer raises events so you need to handle the events:

AddHandler myTimer.Tick, AddressOf Timer_Tick

Public Sub Timer_Tick(sender as Object, e as EventArgs)

    deliveredUltraProgressBar.Value += 5

End Sub

You might need to fiddle a bit with the syntax as I just typed this here in SO, but this is the idea.

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