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i'm working on a social network. With activity (like, comment, follow, post, etc...), user, page-to-follow, album, photo and some other thing.

Now, one of the most important things in a social network is the activity feed. I've a structure with activity_feed table, user_table, follow_table, like_table, etc... i was thinking: what if i use a unique AUTO INCREMENT to identify every single entities in my app?


A user join my site by registration:

  • Add the activity to activity_feed (and obtain an ID)
  • Add the user to user_table (with foreign key to activity_feed)

Example 2:

A user upload a photo:

  • Add the activity to activity_feed
  • Add the photo to photo table (with foreign key)

This will simplify api calls (ex: http://api.domain.com/ID), DELETING entities, future database sharing and many other things.

I notice that facebook have a structure like this. Obviously indexing can be made on other tables (ex: activity_index_type with activity_type -> user and activity_id).

might be a good solution?

Sorry for my english! :$

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This is the concept of Globally Unique ID's (GUID). MySQL has a function to generate them : UUID(). And here's a suggestion on SO for storing GUID's

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Uh, i know GUID, but i want to know if using INT with that method might be good? Thanks! –  Monte May 4 '13 at 8:24
The answer I linked to in my answer suggests using a CHAR(16) binary. Here's the link again. stackoverflow.com/questions/412341/… –  Andrew May 5 '13 at 5:46

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