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I've been trying to solve this for hours now, please help. I'm trying to make my app support multi-resolution on iOS with cocos2d-x (ipad, ipad retina, iphone 3.5, 4.0 inch), it works well for iPhone 3.5 and 4.0 retina, on the ipad, the backgroundimage I added to the scene is out of the visible area on all the 4 sides (so the image is bigger than it should be), in the ipad folder there are 2048x1536 images. So referring to this page, it should work well. I'm using exactfit policy, because I have resources for only iphone 3.5, so I just want it to be stretched on 4.0.

On my scene I just set my images position to ccp(480, 320), but I don't think this should matter.


std::vector<std::string> resDirOrders;
    pEGLView->setDesignResolutionSize(960, 640, kResolutionExactFit);

//if it's an ipad (Resolution::IPAD = 0, Resolution::IPAD_RET = 1)
    if(Resolution::getDevice() <= Resolution::IPAD_RET){

    //if it's an iphone (Resolution::IPHONE = 2, Resolution::IPHONE_RET = 3)

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Beware that when you set the content scale factor to 1536/640 you get integer division and will set a content scale factor of 2, not the 2.4 you want. Change it to 1536.0f/640.0f and you'll get a content scale factor of 2.4f. –  Sebastian Ärleryd May 4 '13 at 12:59
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