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I'm new to AWS (and Ubuntu, for that matter), and figured Elastic Beanstalk would be a good place to start. I have a PHP application, in a git repository, that works fine when I test it locally or on other hosts. Following the instructions on the getting started guide ( everything works until I get to git aws.push.

I get the error:

fatal: cannot exec '.git/AWSDevTools/aws.elasticbeanstalk.push': Permission denied
fatal: While expanding alias 'aws.elasticbeanstalk.push': '.git/AWSDevTools/aws.elasticbeanstalk.push': Success

The same issue arises if I try it as root under sudo, which makes me think it's not a local problem.

I've Googled very extensively, and know little more than the obvious: "permission denied." Is it even a local issue or an AWS authentication issue? Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

I'm running x64 Ubuntu 13.04.

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That's a permission problem. Set the permissions so you're allowed. Consult the documentation of the operating system you're using how you can set permissions of files etc.. Ask ubuntu is a good site to search (you don't need to ask that) and if you like more the style to ask and tell your story, the ubuntu forums are a great place, and there is also an ubuntu wiki that is great. Start on the ubuntu homepage, look for support and documentation. – hakre May 3 '13 at 23:16

You can change permission of the file using the command chmod in ubuntu.

Usage: chmod {options} filename

The various options and details can be found in the file permissions page.

The quick fix would be: chmod -R 777 aws.elasticbeanstalk.push.


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