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this is my first python program, and i think i have the if statement correct, i may or may not, i dont know. What i want to do is, when a Tkinter button is clicked, I want the function which is called to check which image is being displayed ON the button, and then change its image accordingly. heres my code for the function:

def update_binary_text(first,second):
    if buttonList[first][second]["image"] == photo:
        buttonList[first][second]["image"] = photo1

heres the for loop [2d list of buttons] with the command:

for i in range (0,number):
        for j in range(0,number):
            buttonList[i].append(Button(game, borderwidth=0,highlightthickness=0, image=photo,command = lambda i=i, j=j: update_binary_text(i,j)))

the problem is, when i run this, it opens up fine, but when i click all the buttons, nothing happens. If i take out the if statement and just put the assigment, it will work, but i need to check which image is displayed first.
Does anyone have a solution?

I just ran into another issue. the solution that i receieved earlier worked just fine, and changes the image, but only on the first click. After that, it will never change again. here is the code:

def update_binary_text(first,second):
        if buttonList[first][second].image == photo:
                buttonList[first][second]["image"] = photo0
        elif buttonList[first][second].image == photo0:
                buttonList[first][second]["image"] = photo1

What happens is, when i click any button for the first time, it will change from a blank button to a button with an image on it, when i click it again it should change its image, but it doesnt. if anyone wanted to see heres the statements to initialize photo, photo0,and photo1:

photo = PhotoImage(file ="blank.gif")
photo0 = PhotoImage(file="0.gif")
photo1 = PhotoImage(file="1.gif")
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I don't know what is the type of photo, but if you use it as an option of Button it cannot be a string. The problem is that buttonList[first][second]["image"] returns a string, not the object you use it in the constructor.

A quick solution could be add a _photo reference to each Button widget, and then use it to compare with photo in the if statement:

def update_binary_text(first,second):
    if buttonList[first][second]._photo == photo:
        buttonList[first][second]["image"] = photo1

# ...

def create_button(i, j):
    button = Button(game, borderwidth=0, highlightthickness=0, image=photo,
                    command = lambda i=i, j=j: update_binary_text(i,j))
    button._photo = photo
    return button

buttonList = [[create_button(i, j) for j in range(number)] for i in range(number)]
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Thank you sir!! i tried it with ._photo, and no luck, instead i tried button.image, which ended up working. Thanks! – vap May 4 '13 at 21:59
@vap Yes, that is because you have also to implement the other way around too (an if statement where if .photo == photo1, the image option is set to photo). – A. Rodas May 4 '13 at 22:38
Oh! Now I see why that is. Thanks again! – vap May 4 '13 at 23:06

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