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I'm working on my first tumblr theme, and I cannot figure out what's wrong. For some reason, all of my photo and photoset posts have 3 extra pixels beneath the photo/photoset. But all of the other post types (like video posts from my html below), even though they are in the exact same class, do not have this issue.

          <img src="{PhotoURL-400}" />
      {block:IfShowCaption}<br />
            <a href="{PhotoURL-HighRes}">{lang:Click for high-res photo}</a>
      {block:IfShowCaption}<br />
         <br />{block:PlayCount}{PlayCountWithLabel}{/block:PlayCount}
         <br />{block:Caption}{Caption}{/block:Caption}

I tried looking at it in Firebug Lite and still couldn't figure out what I'm doing wrong. Does anyone know what the problem is/how to fix it? Thanks!

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Can you post a test case, or some CSS please. I believe its an issue with line-height. –  mikedidthis May 6 '13 at 10:02

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to your container.

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