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Using the Aptana Studio 3 I have successfully captured lines of text using ^(.+)$ and replacing the found expressions using <p>\1</p>.

For example: This is a line of text. yields <p>This is a line of text.</p>

However, when I try to replace "Note" in Note - this is a line of text with <strong>Note</strong>.

^(.+)(?= -) selects all of the text before the " -" (the word "Note") in the example above, but

<strong>\1</strong> does not replace it with <strong>Note</strong> After trying some online resources, I was able to get <strong>$0</strong> to work online but not in Aptana. Anyone have a solution?

By the way, "Note" is the briefest example I could provide. Many lines contain multi-word phrases before the "-".

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What's strange! Aptana seems not allow to make any replace when you use a lookahead (probably a bug), but match anyway. I have reproduced it on Aptana Studio 3, build: Notice that there's no problem with a lookbehind.

You can use that:

find:    ^(.+)( -)
replace: <strong>\1</strong>\2


It is a know Bug: Eclipse regex search/replace not replacing after regex positive look-ahead?

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Thank you -- that worked like a charm! Now, I have to mentally adjust to incorporating the lookahead into the replacement string. I'd vote your answer up, but this is my first post and it seems I lack the track record to actually vote. – Ronald Painter May 4 '13 at 3:05

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