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I develop an application in mojolicious framework with jquerymobile. It's about updating the GPS values to the SQLite3 database for every 3 seconds. I try to send the http Get request to store the gps value like /v_id/latitude/longitude/updatetime/update (route in .pm file in mojolicious). The value I send is: /100/12.845323/77.4321455/3452687197281/update (value given in browser) but it does not store anything and shows an error of There is no route matching the Get request.

When i try like /100/12845323/774321455/3452687197281/update (without dots) it updated successfully. How do I send the request in http methods?

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You have asked this exact same question on Please don't cross-post. – Borodin May 4 '13 at 5:13
please post a minimal example. I have no idea what you're asking. – Joel Berger May 4 '13 at 12:13

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Try to use the relaxed placeholders that accept dots. or wild card place holders that accept slashes also. see the mojolicious screencasts e2

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