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As title says: How do I get Proguard to keepclassmembers of entire package? Also to net delete methods with void signatures.

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Proguard delete automatically those functions which are not use able in project

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To keep all class members (fields and methods) of all classes in a given package and all of its subpackages:

-keepclassmembers class mypackage.** { *; }

This includes void methods. To only keep all void methods:

-keepclassmembers class mypackage.** { void *(...); }

These are unusual settings though, because keeping all class members or all void methods (without even keeping all classes) seems like a very random requirement.

For most configurations, -keep is more appropriate than -keepclassmembers, relevant classes are typically only public ones (matching public class), relevant classes typically extend a specific class or interface (e.g. matching extends somepackage.SomeClass), and relevant class members are typically a very specific set of public methods (e.g. public setters, matching public void set*(***)).

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