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When a Ivy project depends a maven project (using assembly plugin), there will be problems. For example:

  1. Maven project: Suppose the maven project will deploy 2 snapshot packages: for exmaple, one is my-app-1.0.0-20130504.000602-1.jar and the other is my-app-1.0.0-20130504.001348-1-myzip.zip. The pom.xml is shown below.

    <... ...>
  2. The Ivy project

    The Ivy project depends on the 2 artifacts published by above maven project. The ivy.xml is shown below:

      <conf name="get-maven" />
      <dependency org="com.mycompany.app" name="my-app" rev="1.0.0-SNAPSHOT" changing="true" conf="get-maven->default">
        <artifact  name="my-app" ext="jar" type="jar"></artifact> 
        <artifact  name="my-app" ext="zip" type="zip" m:classifier="myzip"></artifact>  

Issues: Each time when the maven project deploy new snapshot to the artifactory server, the ivy project can retrieve the latest my-app-xxx.jar from the artifacory server but it can't retrieve the latest my-app-xxx-myzip.zip (ivy can't get to know that the zip is updated and just retrieve the zip from local cache). What I have to do is to delete the local cache, and run the ivy project again.

I did some investigation, and found the ivy task "convertpom" didn't convert the app-xxx-myzip.zip from pom to ivy, and only 1 artifact (the my-app-xxx.jar) can be found in the converted ivy.xml. Not sure if this is the root cause.

Can anyone help on this? How can I get the lastet snapshots for both artifacts in ivy project?

Regards, Alben

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So to clarify, you're attempting to configure ivy to pull down a snapshot dependency published by a Maven project?

In that case, the following answer will help to explain:

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