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I was hoping to run a JSP & Servlet website on Windows Azure. What services basically do I need to purchase to run that on the website. Basic need of website:

  1. SQL database
  2. JAVA support & Tomcat server
  3. Bandwidth
  4. Web storage

But I'm a little bit lost here :

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Java Support and Tomcat Azure Virtual Machine. You can choose between a Windows Virutal Machine or a Linux Virutal Machine.

SQL Database

  1. Depending on your needs you could either install SQL Server or MySQL (since you said SQL database) on the Virtual Machine machine.
  2. You could choose a separate DB server SQL Server Virtual Machine.
  3. The third option for SQL Database would be to go with SQL Azure which has high availability built in. Each has its pros and cons and I'd recommend doing a detailed study before choosing either one. I'd personally recommend looking at SQL Azure.

Storage In terms of Web Storage you would need to get a storage account. Look at the Locally Redundant Storage or Geo-Redundant Storage options.

Hope this helps

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