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I have the following Autohotkey script:

^d:: ^l
^l:: ^g

My intention is to have 2 keymaps: Ctrl+D -> Ctrl+L and Ctrl+L -> Ctrl+G; but when I run the script, Ctrl+D is not map to Ctrl+L but will be map to Ctrl+G as autohotkey evaluate Ctrl+D -> Ctrl+L -> Ctrl+G.

Is there any way to prevent Autohotkey from evaluating the keymap multiple time?

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Your scripts call each other, which is a common problem in AutoHotKey. To prevent this from happening, you have to add a $ in front of the hotkey that you don't want to be launched by ahk

^d:: ^l ; This script will trigger the next one
$^l:: ^g ; The $ sign prevents that another AutoHotKey script can launch this.
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Thanks Robert, you saved my day :) –  Huy Pham May 5 '13 at 15:23

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