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I'm using a Sidekiq worker to complete some requests to Facebook after a user signs-in for the first time. Typically the task takes around 20 seconds or so.

I'd like to load some information on to the page using an ajax request as soon as the sync is completed, but am unsure as to the best way to check for the job completion with Javascript.

One possibility would be to configure the Sidekiq worker to set a cookie after the rest of the jobs are done. Then I can use a setTimeout function to keep checking for the cookie before calling the load function. But I'm unsure whether this is the best way to be doing this. Could I be using Redis instead?

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I've added a FAQ since many people ask this question.


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It looks like github.com/cryo28/sidekiq_status will cover what I'm looking for. –  Paul May 6 '13 at 1:34

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