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I want BeautifulSoup to find all element in html page whose have a certain class. But they can also have extra classes. For example:

soup.findAll('tr', {'class': 'super_class1'})

This code only finds tr whose have only super_class1. But I want it to find all tr whose contains this class such

<tr class='super_class1'>aaa</tr>


<tr class='super_class1 super_class2'>bbb</tr>


<tr class='super_class1 super_class15  super_class16'>ccc</tr>
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This is a bug that has been fixed (https://bugs.launchpad.net/beautifulsoup/+bug/410304); the problem is basically that the soup doesn't recognizes spaces in class name.

But if you have to use a version without the fix, the above link also provides a solution:

soup.findAll(True, {'class': re.compile(r'\bsuper_class1\b')})
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