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I have a simple excel file containing rows and columns. One of the column contains rows of data which is string like this (XML data)

<Employee Name="R1" Designation="Developer">
   <SkillSet Language="C#"/>
<Employee Name="E2" Designation="Developer">
   <SkillSet Language="Java"/>

I would like to read this information in the excel file, parse it based on particular skillset and put them in the same excel workbook in adjacent column. I may need to provide a button click which may trigger the action.

How do I approach this problem.

Should I write a macro or should I write an excel addin. The excel can be either 2003 or earlier/2007/2010.

I can think of writing a user defined function to read the cell data but, how do I read through the columns in vb and also how do I re-use my function across different excel-workbooks.

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Although this maybe coming to you at a late hour, however I had thesame problem as you mention. I'm also kind of new to VBA. My client wanted a database application in Access 2003. But after some persuation, I was able to convince them to adapt Access 2007. Which by the way, it's still not reliable, to develop a multi-lingual application.

Anyway to cut the story short, I was able to achieve same, after some google search and using the code I found here;


and here

Parsing XML in VBA

Hope you find this links helpful cheers.

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Add a reference (Tools-->References) to an XML parser, e.g., Microsoft XML, v6.0 -- my MS Access 2010 installation has a seven XML parsers provided by Microsoft. Declare an instance of the parser and use its properties and methods as you need.

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thanks, I shall try that out as an option. But the good thing is the client is ready to use Excel 2007 and above.. So I started creating excel addins using VSTO.. I now read XElement.Parse and get my thing done quite easily.. I sure will try this out. but until then I cannot vote this as answer.. But sure will upvote ! –  Sandepku May 6 '13 at 14:04

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