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I am trying get some historical earnings data from a website using python. The url for data ends in .js (which is a javascript link). The problem is if I use urllib.urlopen to read the link, it converts to a string and it's a nightmare to extract the data from that string. I was wondering if there is a module that allows us download the data in a similar to json.

The link that I am trying to scrape is: http://test.optionslam.com/site_media/chart/data/GOOG_data.js

This is how I am trying to do it:

data = urlopen('http://test.optionslam.com/site_media/chart/data/GOOG_data.js').read()

Can someone please suggest a better approach for this?

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Javascript is a string - urllib isn't doing any kind of converting for you. –  Nick Bastin May 4 '13 at 8:04

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just remove the var = parts and the terminating ; and use a JSON parser on the rest. I am sure such a thing exists for python.

something like this:

  • get the string as you do
  • replace all var with {
  • replace = with :
  • replace ; with },
  • remove the very last ,
  • read in as JSON
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Following the instruction of luksch:

import urllib, json

data = urllib.urlopen('http://test.optionslam.com/site_media/chart/data/GOOG_data.js').read()
data = data.replace("var", "{")
data = data.replace("=", ":")
count = data.count(";") - 1
data = data.replace(";", "},", count).replace(";", "}",) 
dump = json.dumps(data)
json = json.loads(dump)
print json
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