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I using SLF4J + logback 1.0.12 for my application logging infrastruction. I run my application on both Windows XP and Linux SUSE os. I have a scenario as following:

I deleted log files when my application is running. On Windows XP logback recovery mechanism worked fine and after passing some seconds (about 10 seconds) log files generate again but on Linux SUSE log files don't generate again.

My question is : Why logback recovery mechanism has different behavior on two os?

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Under Linux, if a process writes to a file and the target file is removed, the process continues to quietly write to a ghost file. The error condition does not trigger an exception.

This answers why the recovery process behavior depends on the OS.

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No, I haven't. What do it? What is it solution? –  MJM May 5 '13 at 8:14

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