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Let me ask my question by this test program:

#include <iostream>

void testSizeOf(char* buf, int expected) {
    std::cout << "buf sizeof " << sizeof(buf) << " expected " << expected << std::endl;

int main ()
    char buf[80];
    testSizeOf(buf, sizeof(buf));
    return 0;


 buf sizeof 8 expected 80

Why do I receve 8 instead of 80?

upd just found similar question Sizeof array passed as parameter

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Pointers! OP's nick says it all. – Sunny May 4 '13 at 8:11
Don't use pointers, don't use arrays, use std::string, std::vector, etc. – john May 4 '13 at 8:17
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You're taking the size of a char*, not of an array of 80 characters.

Once it's decayed to a pointer, it's no longer seen as an array of 80 characters in testSizeOf. It's seen just as a normal char*.

As for a possible reason why, consider this code:

char* ch = new char[42];
testSizeOf(ch, 42);

Would you expect sizeof to magically work there?

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