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I have a Json string like this : [{"Row_id":"1","Name":"AmoghEngineers","Category":"Dress","Subcategory":"jeans","District":"7","Location":"India","Plan":"Gold","ProductOrService":"Product","Email":"mymail@gmail.com","About":"goodone","Phone":"98675433","Registration_confirmed":"Yes"}] .

And i need to parse these data to the html field elements ,for eg: i want to set the Name to a input field $("#businessName").val(Name). How can i do this ? Thanks in advance .

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You can do it like this,

Live Demo


Edit If you have this in string you can use $.parseJSON

jsonObjArray= $.parseJSON('[{"Row_id":"1","Name":"AmoghEngineers","Category":"Dress","Subcategory":"jeans","District":"7","Location":"India","Plan":"Gold","ProductOrService":"Product","Email":"mymail@gmail.com","About":"goodone","Phone":"98675433","Registration_confirmed":"Yes"}]');    
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let me try this –  Icecreamsandwich May 4 '13 at 8:45
var obj = jQuery.parseJSON(result); alert(obj[0].Name)This works , but is it good to use indexing on the jsonObj ?? –  Icecreamsandwich May 4 '13 at 8:48
You have array of objects so you need to use index, name of variable is confusing it would be jsonObjArray, check my updated answer. –  Adil May 4 '13 at 8:49
okay fine ,let me workout –  Icecreamsandwich May 4 '13 at 8:51
var data = '[{"Row_id":"1","Name":"AmoghEngineers","Category":"Dress","Subcategory":"jeans","District":"7","Location":"India","Plan":"Gold","ProductOrService":"Product","Email":"mymail@gmail.com","About":"goodone","Phone":"98675433","Registration_confirmed":"Yes"}]'

var json_data = JSON.parse(data)
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yes you have to call like this way

var jsonresponse_obj = JSON.parse(response);

jsonresponse_obj.Row_id to get value of row id and soo on
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