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I'd like to be able to include shortcuts in my solution explorer so that I can just double click in solution explorer to open a directory related to the project or solution, is this possible? Currently if I add a shortcut to the solution it comes up as a .lnk file and it opens insides Visual studio as a binary file instead of opening in windows explorer.

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In Visual Studio 2005/2008 you can right click on any folder or project in the Solution Explorer and "Open Folder In Windows Explorer, does that help? – Kane Oct 28 '09 at 13:40
When you add an item to the solution/project it copies it local instead of just referencing that item, so I don't think that would do anything for being able to jump to a location in explorer? – Maslow Oct 28 '09 at 16:11
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While it may not be the most elegant answer and does not answer your question directly, have you considered adding a HTML file to your solution and inside that HTML page you place your links. You should be able to link directly to files, folders, web content, etc...

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I think the best solution is per this answer:

Basically you right click on your .lnk file and choose "Open With".

Choose Add to add a new program/editor. The program to add is C:\Windows\System32\explorer.exe (or similar).

Then set that to be the default editor for .lnk files.

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